Maxi Mover Pegs for Shell Decoys x 12

Βάσεις για Κέλυφη Ομοιωμάτων

 These Maxi Movers are the original and best due to their ingenious design. The decoy mounted on top of this Maxi Mover peg will peck, bounce and waddle in a side to side motion in the slightest breeze adding the all important movement to your decoys. 

Features include:

Lightweight and durable (just 259g per pack)!
Rubberised tip to securely support your decoy even in strong winds
Rubberised shaft for comfort and to reduce slip when holding, placing and removing your decoys

45.00 Ευρώ

10 τεμάχια

22.00 Ευρώ

22.00 Ευρώ

12 τεμάχια


Dead Bird Cradles x 10 - Ideal for Pigeons and Crows

​Βάσεις για νεκρά πουλιά

 trong Dead bird cradles for decoying with full sized Pigeons and Crows - Pack of 10

Features include:

Sturdy steel construction to support full size pigeons in a realistic position
Lifts birds off the floor and over crops for best results
Unfinished metallic colour to make it easier to find when gathering them up (lost dead bird cradles in farm machinery can make you very unpopular! - once a pigeon is mounted the cradle will not be seen from above).


Extendable Telescopic Bouncer / Floater Pole

90cm - 180cm 

Πτυσσόμενη Ράβδος

This Telescopic Extendable Bouncer allows the decoy to bounce and bob in the breeze adding extra movement. It is British Made with a powder coated nato green metal base and a matt black carbon fibre pole that will extend from 3ft above ground level to over 6ft!  The carbon fibre pole is blunt at one end and with a spike on the other so that you can effectively use it with one of our Sillosock decoys (blunt end) or dead birds (spiked end).

Use it in conjunction with one of our Sillosock Hypa Flap decoys for a lethal combination!  It's quick and easy to do by simply securing the mounting bracket of your chosen hypa flap to the end of the carbon rod.

Alternatively you can add the option of one of our nato green V wing spreaders to mount one of your own dead birds.